The 202 Newsletter

The newsletter of the Northbridge Progress Association is named The 202 (after the local bus route) and is published quarterly by a voluntary team. The newsletter discusses local issues, publishes letters from residents and contains news of local organisations and businesses. The 202 is delivered free to all 2500 homes and businesses in Northbridge by voluntary “walkers”.


To contribute articles or letters to the Editor –
please contact The 202 Editor.

Letters should preferably be 250 words or less and include contact details.


Northbridge residents love to support Northbridge businesses, so what are you waiting for?

Advertising rates are very reasonable – only

  • $75 per issue for 1 column x 5.5cm,
  • $150 for 1 column x 11cm or 2 columns by 5.5cm
  • $300 for 2 columns x 11cm; and
  • $420 for one third page (3 columns x 11cm).

Advertisements can be booked by contacting The 202 Advertising Editor.