This issue will go before the Land & Environment Court on December 21st, 2017.

The L&E Court action has been brought about due to Willoughby Council finally declining, at their meeting on July 24th, an additional increase in height request by the developer of the old CBA Building.

The NPA had, on several occasions, called our previous Councillors to account for their reoccurring lapse in judgement regarding permissible development heights in our suburb.  The NPA had, on several occasions, opposed the precedent that our Councillors were establishing – to no avail. In our opinion, the precedent now established will pose a clear impediment to the amenity of our suburb – and for that matter, the whole of Willoughby, for many years to come.

Developers now resort to the Land & Environment Court when Council approvals don’t go their way.  We have actually noted some developers resorting to the Court even before Council makes a decision. L&E Court decisions almost always favour the developer and cost Council – and ratepayers!

The NPA strongly oppose this practice now established where developers have learnt that they can hold an L&E Court appeal, over our Council.

As a ratepayer and resident – you loose!

Willoughby Council’s support in contesting the L&E Court Appeal on behalf of the community is very much appreciated – but is too little too late!

Our new Councillors need to reassess the past and start to quickly demonstrate that they have the best interest of their Electorate in mind. Support for our community; our suburbs and our Planning legislation – should be a priority.