Northbridge Local Centres Strategy

The Northbridge Progress Association has prioritised having a lasting positive impact to shape the future of public spaces and urban design in Northbridge.

Our main focus is the Northbridge Local Centre Strategy.

Our members express disappointment in the quality of the built environment in the town centre including, a lack of connectivity between different parts of the centre, the shortage of activated public spaces for community engagement and streetscape planning.

The Northbridge Local Centre Strategy was approved by Council in December 2020 and includes future plans for underground car parking and the activation of community and public places.

The Association has been working closely with Council about the future Local Centres Strategy. We made our first submission in January 2018. Since then, we have sponsored and participated in various co-design workshops with the intent to achieve a shared vision for our future Northbridge.The Local Centre Strategy will come to life when a new Local Environmental Plan and development controls are developed and approved which is underway.

The Association supports the principles and the ideas included in the Local Centre Strategy for Northbridge. We think more needs to be done to clarify what it will take to deliver the indicative masterplan in the strategy so current and future residents and the wider community can enjoy the benefits.

To help get stakeholders working together around a shared vision, the Association has launched a community survey on Our Future Northbridge.


Willoughby City Council has prepared a strategy and master plan for the future of Northbridge and we are asking you to complete the survey below to share your aspirations for a vibrant future Northbridge Town Centre.

We need a broad cross section of the community who visit Northbridge, inclusive of different ages and cultural backgrounds to complete the 5-8 min survey.

In order to make an informed response we recommend you;

– Read the Local Centres Strategy for Northbridge pages 47-52

– Review the presentation provided by Stephen Blaxland, Architect advisor to the NPA on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) regarding the current proposal.

– Have a close look at the pictures below to get a sense of what is possible on our website

– Then complete our Local Centres Strategy Survey

Thank you for your time and providing your feedback to meet the needs of current and future generations living and using facilities in our local area.


The results of this survey were presented back to NPA Members, Council and interested stakeholders.

AMP came back to us, following consultation with Willoughby Council, with a concept plan for development of the site. We then invited AMP to present this to our community for feedback whilst engaging an independent consultant to review the plans to ensure it is a feasible development and meets community expectations. We will present this feedback at our next NPA meeting in September.

The following video is of the presentation given by AMP.

Those in attendance were able to contribute in an interactive forum with question and answer sessions after each segment of information delivered. The segment’s being presented were:

  • The Site and Opportunity
  • Concept Proposal
  • Town Square Character

Please note: The recording is raw (no editing) so if someone spoke on zoom during the presentation it was picked up.

We now await an update from AMP and Council.