Willoughby Council has developed revised plans for our Local Centre and Housing. Those residents who attended our NPA Meetings in 2018 would have had a chance to hear from the Council’s Urban Design team

Council says in their brief –
“Revitalisation may include changing the rules for development, so we are inviting your feedback on our Local Centre and Housing Draft Planning Strategies.”

Proposed Strategy Reports

Below are the two Reports outlining the strategies being put forward –

Both the above will open as a PDF Report.

So what is in it for – Northbridge?

Consideration for our Infrastructure (Traffic, parking) seems of little consequence.

It is envisaged that we (and all those north of Northbridge) will have an increased population – where the peninsular east (commuters who use Sailors Bay Road) converges on the “throng” from the north (commuters who use Eastern Valley Way) – to be siphoned through a heritage listed one-lane bridge – connecting us all to Cammeray and the City! Bottleneck?

If we say nothing – then we get what we are given!

Please comment / Have your say!

Key Recommendations (LEP)

  1. Increase heights of up to 6 storeys for commercial development along Sailors Bay Rd equating to a 2.5:1 floor space ratio.
  2. Increase heights up to 5 storeys to allow residential apartment development on certain sites and deliver new open space at the rear of Northbridge Plaza on the Council car park. Consider partial rezoning to R3 medium density.
  3. Increase heights up to 3-4 storeys and rezone to R3 Medium density Residential along the northern side of Baringa Road. Consider a minimum lot width to ensure lot amalgamation and improved access from Baringa Road, equating to 1:1 floor space ratio.
  4. Increase heights up to 5 storeys as an incentive for an additional storey of commercial floor space on certain sites in Sailors Bay Rd east and Strathallen Ave.

    Key Recommendations (DCP)

      1. Deliver a new public open space, with a minimum area of 2,000sqm.
      2. Minimum upper-level setback of 3m above 2nd storey, and additional 6m setback above 4th storey for commercial buildings along Sailors Bay Rd.
      3. Minimum 6m landscaped setback to be provided along the southern side of Sailors Bay Rd.
      4. Shared laneway to be provided from Eastern Valley Way to Harden Ave.
      5. Laneway and service access to be provided from Sailors Bay Rd.
        From 5 February – 16 April 2019, you will be invited to:
      6. Register your interest to stay informed;
      7. Register to RSVP to attend a roundtable event here at RSVP Here
      8. Call into a drop in Session at a site near your Local Centre [No registration required]
      9. Participate in online surveys [available from Tuesday 5 February 2019]
      10. Learn about your local centre Facebook page at www.bbp.org.au/ilovelocal

    ‘Please’ have your say!