Northbridge Baths

The Northbridge Baths have been an icon of our suburb since 1924 and remain today to be what some still call “”one of the hidden jewels on the North Shore.”

Northbridge Baths is an enclosed area of beach and water in calm and scenic Middle Harbour. The local population have over many generations enjoyed the tranquil family friendly surrounds. The web is littered with blogs by current Baths users as well as ex-residents recounting their memories of that special place in their lives – the Northbridge Baths.

But the Baths now need the support of the local community and relevant state and local government authorities in order to preserve its amenity.

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The Northbridge Baths Action Plan

Summary of a recent meeting held to evaluate and ascertain what action could be taken so as to ensure the long term amenity of the Northbridge baths as a user and family friendly facility.