Northern Beaches Tunnel – your thoughts?

We assume that following our article in the May 2017 copy of ‘The 202’ (P.5) and our previous posts on this web site, that most of our members are already aware of the NSW Government Plans in place for a Western Harbour Tunnel and Northern Beaches Link Tunnel.

The NPA provides the following information in order to inform residents.
Please note that the opinions expressed in the attachments and links provided – are those of the issuer and the NPA are not in a position to either endorse or substantiate the opinions expressed.


Information on the Northern Beaches Link Tunnel can be found on the following RMS project website. This website also has the Community consultation map for online submissions to the RMS.
Below is also a link to the RMS fact sheet and a copy of the RMS postcard.


Chris Curtis has written an article about the local community meeting which was held on July 6th and which you can find at the following web address. The article includes a link to his presentation outline.
In addition, is another interesting article that Chris has written about property values and tunnels.

MEDIA REPORT (17th July 2017)

On Monday (17th July) several media article appeared in in the local press:


  • Make a submission to the RMS, expressing your concerns either online or via email to Please note that submissions close on 31 July 2017.
  • Share this information with your neighbours and friends – so that all the community can be informed.

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