Northern Beaches Tunnel : Notes

The following is an extract from the North Sydney Milson Precinct Minutes from May 6th

Steve Brien, & Luke Mortimer – Roads & Maritime Service
Re Northern Beaches Link Tunnel and Western Harbour Tunnel – Consultation phase
Venue: McMahon’s Point Community Centre 165 Blues Point Rd
  • Geotech tests being carried out in Waverton, Warringah, Northbridge & Seaforth.
  • Traffic from Northern Beaches – 60% destination is City, while 40% for Macquarie Park
  • Budget $77m with outcomes for design etc. by next year; total cost for infrastructure is $72B
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge has 160,000 cars per day crossing; ANZAC Bridge has 100,000 per day; Warringah has 265,000 per day;
  • Warringah Freeway is 170m wide, and only need 4m per lane = 40+ lanes possible – (but they all have to go into the same 8 lanes on Bridge, plus 4 lanes for the Harbour tunnel, and 6 lanes for the new western harbour tunnel … therefore 40+ lanes have to merge down into 18 lanes);
  • This will be a TOLL road/tunnel; coming out at Falcon / Earnest Sts.,
  • Every 30 years we need an additional harbour crossing.
  • The depth of tunnel:
    • Middle Harbour – 35m;
    • Birchgrove – deep ravine & fault line;
    • Northbridge 150m; ideally 20m underwater and 70 – 100 m under land; with 6% gradient.
  • Construction to start in 2019; 90m concrete sections; weighing 37,000 tonnes; to be made in Port Kembla or China.

  • ? Buses thru North Sydney streets to train & Metro Stops

  • Attendees suggested:
    • building a Train tunnel on top or below the car tunnel following the same line – one lot of tunnelling through to miss services and provide critical infrastructure.
    • ? Fast train to Central Coast from under Palm Beach & onto Central Coast, Newcastle, Coffs, Byron, Brisbane. The same FAST Trains should be planned for Goulburn, Canberra, Melbourne.
  • See their Website: and make email submission:

Milson Precinct will make a submission to the WHNBL along the following lines:
to object to the lack of Public Transport in this proposal; the fact that it is a “car-centric” proposal; along with the idea of having some large portion of the 600+ morning peak hour buses diverted from going into the city by coming off the Warringah Freeway on to the North Sydney Exit at Alfred Street, then through the streets of North Sydney, being the roundabout at High St,. crossing two lanes coming up from Mosman, Cremorne & Neutral Bay, then over the 4 lanes of the Pacific Highway coming off the Bridge, to turn left up Blue St, to alight passengers at the NS Train station and then continue up to Miller Street, turn right and take the rest of the passengers up to the new Victoria Cross Metro Station.

Milson Precinct suggested that if they wish to have public transport passengers change modes of transport at North Sydney, then they should provide separate BUS ONLY tunnel under the NS CBD to access the train and metro line on the same level as the tracks. Believe this to be similar to what occurs in Brisbane and Parramatta – BUS ONLY TUNNELS.

Milson Precinct proposes that they look at a Fast train from the Northern Beaches into the city, which could then continue tunnelling up to the Central Coast and Newcastle. Which would alleviate the housing affordability situation, making them ‘outer suburbs’ of Sydney with quick access to the city and be a boon to those areas, as well as providing the necessary public transport infrastructure for a global city?

There should be a proposal for the busses to go in an EAST WEST direction from DEE WHY to CHATSWOOD train station, at least. Instead of bringing them all into the North Sydney bottleneck to then transfer from bus to train, thru Nort Sydney streets.

Moved: JC Seconded: VB

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