Our Future Willoughby

Sydney is growing – and Willoughby is growing. The population of Willoughby is expected to increase by 18% in the next 20 years to more than 89,000 people.

Willoughby Council is seeking community feedback to help shape the future of Willoughby – to 2036. This planning is to be guided by the community feedback as well as by State strategic priorities and objectives. Please ‘Have Your Say’ at http://haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au/willoughby-planning-strategy-2016-2036

There are four streams of strategic planning – which combined will form the framework of the future Willoughby Planning Strategy. The four streams are:

Chatswood CBD

The draft strategy puts forward recommendations relating to planning controls and design of buildings and public spaces that seek to position Chatswood for the opportunities with growth and the arrival of the Sydney Metro Rail.
See – http://haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au/willoughby-planning-strategy-2016-2036/documents/49721/download

Housing in Willoughby

Household size is expected to fall with an increasing number of singles and over-70s. To cater for these changes, a new supply of different housing types will be required in Willoughby. We will need to plan for these changes and consider the best locations for new housing.
See – http://haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au/willoughby-planning-strategy-2016-2036/documents/49771/download

Local Centres

Our local centres are important to our community life. For example in Northbridge, is just one village satellite precincts of the greater Chatswood CBD. As our population grows and changes, our local centres need to respond by providing improved local shops and services, increased public transport, and enhanced amenity in our streets and public areas.

To date, we have had the Northbridge Town Centre Masterplan. This strategy review undertaken now will enable residents to review that plan and reconfigure and propose a suite of principles to guide future growth and change for the years ahead.
See – http://haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au/willoughby-planning-strategy-2016-2036/documents/49773/download

Industrial Lands

Willoughby’s industrial lands play an important role in providing and sustaining diverse employment opportunities. Currently our main Industrial centres are in East Chatswood and Artarmon. Willoughby Council is proposing that any change to our Industrial land should be resisted and industrial lands protected to provide local employment and services.
See – http://haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au/willoughby-planning-strategy-2016-2036/documents/49772/download

Again – please take a moment to comment on all or anyone of the strategies at: http://haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au/willoughby-planning-strategy-2016-2036

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