Congratulations to our ‘2017 Willoughby Citizens of the Year!

Two Northbridge residents were honoured at the recent Willoughby Council ‘Australia Day’ ceremony on January 26th.

Grant Sheldon and Janet France were joint recipients of this years Willoughby Council Citizen of the Year award!

The Citizen of the Year Award recognises community members that have, through long-term residency and continuous involvement made significant contribution to the well-being of the community through personal service; Positive and inspiring personal attributes, showing qualities such as versatility, flexibility and perseverance in the contributing to Willoughby City; and through personal effort have made a lasting and significant difference to the quality of life of the community.

Grant Sheldon

His community commitment; his involvement with family; the church; charities; the disadvantaged – promotes all the positive things that can be achieved in our community.

Grant and his family have regularly attended St Marks Anglican Church in Northbridge for the past 30 years – volunteering his time and serving on the Church Parish Council for many of those 30 years.

Between 2001 to present, he has represented St Marks on the Combined Churches of Northbridge Committee (a committee representing the 5 churches in Northbridge), as the Chairperson (2004 – 2014) and otherwise as a Committee delegate. In 2014 and 2016, Grant also participated as part of a team who volunteered their time to attend and facilitate a school holiday club for the children in the town of Walcha, NSW.

Grant has volunteered his time on the St Marks Pre-school Committee as a Delegate for 5 years and as President (2003-2005);

As an add-on to all this, Grant and his wife, Sue, take time out each Tuesday (since 2001) to teach religious studies at the local Northbridge Public School;

Grant has been instrumental in ensuring the good will, and great work of the Late Elsie Kaye lives on. Each December since 2014, Grant has organised and coordinated the pre-Christmas local toy collection JOY through toys– coordinating the collection, cleaning and distribution of toys direct to disadvantaged children and charities all over Sydney and Australia;

Grant has been a long-term active member of the Northbridge Football Club – as a player for 15 years but also volunteering his time on and off over the past two decades, as a Team Manager, Coach, Age Coordinator and Referee.

In 2008, Grant volunteered his time to join the Committee of the local Northbridge Progress Association – stepping up as Vice President in 2013 to present;

Added to all this, Grant has initiated and regularly convened and coordinated, each year since 2007, the local Northbridge Clean-up Australia Day campaign – removing tonnes of rubbish from our local community space. (If he gives you a shout – please lend him a hand)

Grant Sheldon sets an example for us all – for his commitment to family, his faith, his community as a whole; and despite his ongoing business obligations – Grant steps up and gets involved and is an excellent example of how we can each, make our community great!

Janet France

Janet is the key coordinator at the Dairy Community Gardens at Warners Park and Co-founder of the North Shore Climate Action that began in 2006.

Janet is the current Chair of the Sustainable Reference Committee at Willoughby Council and is helping to create programs within the community that will mitigate climate effects.

She volunteers as an English teacher at the MOSAIC centre and, also, as an Ethics Teacher at many of the local public schools.

She shares her interest in music and sustainability at the Repair Café each month with the local ukulele singing group.

Many of her contributions were recognised in 2014 when she was awarded a Rotary Community Service Award

The skills and knowledge that she shares enriches her interaction and makes Willoughby a better place for all, now and in the future.

We wish to offer our congratulations to both Award recipients and thank them for their outstanding contribution to our Northbridge and Willoughby community!

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