Boat Trailer Parking Proposal

Council is currently undertaking a community consultation into the proposed introduction of new boat trailer parking restriction across the entire Willoughby Local Government Area (LGA). It ‘d be nice if we could get every resident to comment.


Council considered a report about this matter at its meeting on Monday 14 November 2016.

As per the attached, Council resolved at the meeting to commence community consultation regarding the new boat trailer parking restrictions. The results of the community consultation will be considered by Council in March 2017. Until then, Council will maintain its current practice of not issuing parking permits for boat trailers.


Not addressed in documents put to the community – is that:

  • RMS are yet to deliver an improved ‘on water’ mooring scheme for all boats;
  • RMS offered several million dollars The Offer to create alternative off-street parking – however not one Expression of Interest was received which means councils may have decided to move on – not assisting with the ‘so called’ problem.


Please record your opinion.

Community feedback will be open until 5 pm, Friday 17 February 2017
1. Take part in our survey on, or
2. Send a letter to Willoughby City Council PO Box 57, Chatswood NSW 2057, or

The above photo shows a boat and trailer having been relocated to a new block – away from the owner’s premise. This is freeing up space outside the boat owners residence while penalising residents in other parts of the suburb. Is this fair?

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