Now $10:1 or $40:5

After more that 20+ years, the NPA membership subscription has increased.

The membership subscription is now:

  • $10 per 1-year membership; or
  • $40 per 5-year membership

At its meeting on October 10th, the Committee resolved that the NPA would be benefited by improved financial resources to enable the Association to seek professional advice and support, as and when needed.

The Committee acknowledged that there had been numerous contentious developments in recent years that have had the potential to impact the suburb negatively. With the greater emphasis now on the Government to accommodate an increased population in Sydney – we need to be prepared to ensure that what is proposed in the future for our suburb will bring positive benefits to all Northbridge residents.

The Northbridge Progress Association seeks the support of residents to assist, through membership, to enable our combined voice to be adequately heard and adhered to.

Having the financial reserves to ensure that future change is in keeping with our aesthetic amenity; that the resources available to each and every one of us can be protected – will benefit us all.

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