Comparing “apples with apples” – the proposal to merge Willoughby, North Sydney and Mosman Councils

As many of you are aware, the NSW Government has announced a second merger proposal to amalgamate Willoughby Council with North Sydney and now Mosman. This merger would create a new Council for over 175,000 people.

A Public Hearing organised by the delegate to the State Government, Mr Ian Reynolds, was held on both Tuesday (March 22nd) and Wednesday (March 23rd).

The above enquiry has allowed many in the community to state their opinion in regard the merger proposal. Some in the community see the immense opportunity afforded by the merger – while others appear confused by the data presented and prefer to recoil back into their comfort zone. Without adequate recourse to correct information and to the real benefits that may be afforded, if any – how can we as residents make a sound judgement. Resistance and confusion reigns.

So what are the facts?

What is in it for the residents of each area? What are the benefits and what are the “sugar-coated” hidden surprises?

On Monday, March 21st, Willoughby Council held a Public Information session to inform residents in regard the merger information that they have gleaned. We have attached below the document prepared by Willoughby Council in their endeavour to aid and assist all in developing an opinion when compiling their individual submissions.

Willoughby Council – Three-way Merger Information Sheet

Also attached below, is the comparative information provided to North Sydney residents that have been compiled by North Sydney Council, for the same purpose.

North Sydney Council – Three-way Merger Information Sheet

We wish to thank both Councils for researching and preparing these documents.

What you need to do now

All residents of all areas are encouraged to review the attached and then provide their submission to the Delegate in regards the merger proposal. Submissions can be made online at or by mail to GPO Box 5341, Sydney, NSW 2001.

The closing date for submissions is 5pm, Friday 8 April 2016.

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