Annual General Meeting – November 25th, 2015

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at Northbridge Golf Club on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 commencing at 7.45pm

Attendance: 42 Members and Guests


President Rob Coote (Chairman) welcomed members and guests including Mayor Cr Gail Giles-Gidney & Ward Councillors Hugh Eriksson and Rachel Hill.


Marion Feibush, Ranald & Marillyn Stewart, Helen Gulson, Bruce & Karen Wilson, Peter Doyle, Cr John Hooper


The Chairman noted that a quorum was present.

Suspension of Standing Orders at 7.50 pm for the –

Guest Speaker –

Mayor Cr Gail Giles-Gidney, Mayor of Willoughby

Fit for the Future
The Mayor spoke in detail outlining the background and events leading up to the recent submissions made by WCC regarding Council amalgamations. She provided detail regarding the following events:
  • WCC was required to make submissions regarding potential mergers by 30 June 2015. WCC resolved that the Mayor be authorised to enter negotiations with WCC’s neighbours who were largely non-responsive.
  • WCC then investigated the possibility of a joint regional authority, but this choice was ruled out.
  • WCC eventually made a submission that WCC continue as a standalone entity arguing the infrastructure levy assisted finances.
  • On 20-Oct-15, the State Government advised all Councils if they were considered “Fit for the future”. WCC, along with 71% of councils, were told they were unfit and were given one month to make a further submission regarding voluntary mergers and preferences for the merger. The Premier made it clear that the State Government was a reform government and those Councils who made submissions about mergers would be in a better position than those who did not.
  • On 9-Nov-15, after a 3-hour debate at WCC, considering over 3000 community responses, WCC advised the State Government that a merger with North Sydney was its first, and only preference considering cultural fit, shared borders, sporting facilities and transport logistics in common.
  • WCC expects an announcement after the 5-Dec-15 North Sydney Federal by-election. A firm result is expected by March 2016.
  • The aim is to provide better services and efficiencies though there is a period of around 5 years before things settle down. Ideally the new entity would have offices on neutral ground. Over time you would expect a unified LEP. General Staff have been guaranteed jobs for three years.
Masterplan – $41 M committed
Trent Zimmerman on behalf of Federal Government, yesterday announced the Gore Hill Oval redevelopment (underground parking, synthetic surface, AFL field, six undercover courts, 6 hectares of bushland).
$9.5M from State Government committed.

Other issues:

  • Tunks Park lighting – on-going consultation. This is a North Sydney Council issue
  • Vivid at Chatswood – working on confirmation but hoping it will be expanded in 2016. More interactive, focus on families.
  • Carpark adjacent to Plaza – identified as a priority by WCC Planning Infrastructure.

The President thanked Mayor Giles-Gidney for her time and support in attending our AGM and for her kind words and community update. He said that much is happening in our community at the moment, and especially with Council mergers so topical, it was an opportune time, for those in attendance, to be able to listen to and interact with their Mayor.

Approval of minutes

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on November 26; 2014 were tabled by the Chairman, who noted that they had also been available on the Association’s website for twelve months.
RESOLVED that the minutes are approved.

The Minutes of the General Meeting held on September 3; 2015 were tabled by the Chairman, who noted they had been available on the website for two months.
RESOLVED that the Minutes are approved.

Treasurer’s Report – for the year ended June 30, 2015

The Chair read the Treasurer’s report. A copy of the audited accounts was delivered or mailed to each member about 7 says ago, with the invitation to the AGM in The 202.
The Treasurer in absentia, via the Chair, reported that the NPA had shown a $6,567 profit via membership subscriptions and The 202 advertising.
The recent $20,000 State Government grant for the refurbishment of the War Memorial Clock was noted. It was noted that new paving and lights had been installed.
RESOLVED that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted.

President’s Report for 2015

The President referred to his report as printed in The 202. He noted that Northbridge is a better place because of the work of the NPA and noted the NPA needs input from its residents.
He highlighted the 150th Anniversary of Willoughby and reminded attendees that Pam Clifford’s local history book is still available.
He acknowledged the work of the WCC General Manager Ms Debra Just in making Council more accountable and efficient.
He further endorsed the new local focus on community facilities such as the playground at Bonds Corner. He noted the priority of community safety and works done about Kameruka Rd traffic, the lighting of crossings and golf balls on the oval.
He also thanked departing Committee Member Sandra Bridgewater-Dunn and thanked everyone who made the NPA successful – including the Committee, volunteer walkers, and The 202 team.
Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney echoed the Chair’s thanks for the work of the outgoing Committee.
RESOLVED that the President’s Report be adopted.

Election of the Committee for 2016

The Chairman reminded attendees that only members paid up before the meeting may nominate office bearers or vote. He handed the chair to Mr. Simon Craddock to act as Returning Officer.
The following nominations for Committee members in 2015 were moved, seconded and accepted in turn:

Rob Coote
Grant Sheldon, Belinda Cachia
Max Menzies
Ranald Stewart
Editor of The 202:
Helen Gulson
Committee member:
Angelos Frangopoulos
Delegates to the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations:
Jenny Roxburgh, Marion Feibush, Rob Coote

The Returning Officer declared that the above committee members are elected for 2016 and returned the chair to Rob Coote.

Ward Councillors’ reports

Cr Rachel Hill and Cr Hugh Eriksson said:

  • Both councilors support the merger with North Sydney.
  • Excited about the grant for Gore Hill Oval redevelopment and noted is locked in regardless of election outcome.
  • Parking – will be introducing more residential parking schemes in pressured areas.
  • Golf balls on oval and school – Nets installed, the number of recorded balls reduced, kids are back on the oval. 1st tee has been reconfigured; net height increased. Still working on 3rd tee from which balls enter Northbridge Public School. Noted that the Golf Club leases the Crown land and will liaise with the school. Have applied for a grant to enhance further netting.
  • Bowling club – assessing options but will be for community use

In response to questions, there was discussion of:

  • New 202 and 204 bus routes now moved from Wynyard down to Bridge Street.
  • A strategy to attract younger members to the NPA was discussed.
  • “Chicks in the Hood” Facebook page noted
  • Shopping trolleys abandoned – Woolworths investigating possibility of locking

Community Issues & General Business

Northbridge Football Club – Kym Griffen (General Manager NFC)

  • Population increase has led to the growth of football as a sport. NFC have 2,600 players registered currently and have had to place some caps on the number of Senior players that they can accept.
  • Locals are given priority through Football NSW
  • Trying to develop a strong Willoughby local club culture
  • Would like to see improved wet weather and support facilities (canteen, change rooms)

The President suggested a dedicated meeting be held to discuss these issues in detail.

Northbridge Bowling Club –

Attendee Feedback from 24 Nov forum will be assessed. There will be an open morning held on Sunday 6/12/15 10 am to 12 pm including a free sausage sizzle.

Tunks Park/Nth Sydney Precinct meeting –

the Chair noted the recent election of Peter McNair as Chair of the Tunks Park Precinct Committee.
Potential lighting of Tunks Park is the biggest issue with a focus on resurrecting the Bay Precinct Committee.

Kameruka Rd traffic – Rumble bar Issue

Community consultation is on-going. Unlikely to be installed.

Meet the candidates forum – November 26th, 2015

The Chair confirmed that a meeting had been organised for Candidates contesting the North Sydney Federal by-election, at the Doherty Centre, 7 Victor Street, Chatswood.

Joy for Toys –

Continuing the tremendous work of Elsie Kay. Toys to be left at St Mark Church Hall entrance.

Next General Meeting

The next General Meeting will be held at 7:45 pm on Thursday, March 3, 2016, at Northbridge Golf Club.

The program and speaker will be announced in The 202.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm. Members enjoyed Christmas refreshments.

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