Flood lighting Tunks

A Development Application is being prepared by North Sydney Council (NSC) to enable Tunks Park to be Floodlit. Residents, whose dwellings surround the park, are up in arms and expressing their objection.

The lighting of Tunks Park is believed to be as a result of the general constraints on available open space due to the demand by local sporting groups. The flood lighting of Tunks Park will enable games to be played into the evening – therefore accommodating some of the increased demand.

Information supplied to the NPA has indicated that North Sydney Council have already set aside $100K in their budget this Financial year to prepare for the DA. We also understand that approximately $700K has been set aside next year, to implement the development and install the lights.

Feedback from North Sydney Council is that they will inform all Willoughby Councillors either before or just after the DA is completed so that they can inform affected residents in their constituency.

Residents on the Northbridge side have already briefed their local Sailors Bay Ward Councillors, who in turn have sought information from their North Sydney counterparts. Feedback received indicates:

The current North Sydney Council Delivery Program 2013/14-2016/17 does indicate an Upgrade to Tunks Park through the development of sports field lighting.

The first step in the process for lighting at Tunks Park, scheduled for 2015/16 will be the preparation of a potential lighting scheme and the associated development application information (DA).

NSC haven’t to date commenced any work on this project however it is assured that the public consultation process will be very extensive when a scheme and the associated DA is prepared.

At this time there has been no date committed to for the commencement of the planning for this project within the next financial year however It is anticipated that it won’t commence until the second half of 2015/16.

Residents concerns mainly involve the illumination and glare from the lights at night; and the resultant reverberation of noise that will emanate from whistleblowing and shouting, late into the evenings. Residents have also cited – loss of amenity (excess parking, increased traffic in local streets); impact on nocturnal wildlife; degradation of the park; and impact on property and retail land value.

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