Decision in regard Northbridge Car Park

On Monday evening (July 27th, 2015), the following Council motion was approved by Council.



  1. Council note the community response to the redevelopment options explored under the consultation process during 2014.
  2. Detailed design works for Option B as contained at Attachment 7 be prepared.
  3. Alternative options for funding the Northbridge Car Park upgrade and maintenance, including the introduction of a levy on beneficiary properties, sale and leasing of land identified under the Northbridge Property Plan and paid parking, including a funding plan to be explored and reported back to Council.
  4. Council advise Northbridge Plaza managers AMP and Woolworths of Council’s decision and request they consider a proportional payment to Council for an initial upgrade of the car park and an annual payment for ongoing maintenance.
  5. Council advise all submitters during the first and second stage of consultation in 2014 of the Council decision.

Moved Councillor HILL
Seconded Councillor HOOPER


For the Motion:
Councillors Giles-Gidney, Eriksson, Hill, Hooper, Mustaca, Norton, Rozos, Rutherford, Sloane and Wright.
Councillor Saville