Golf Balls on the oval

A disgruntled Northbridge Primary School P&C has had enough and has taken full aim at Council. The School P&C felt their grievances relating to the risks to their children’s safety on the Northbridge Oval had not been addressed or taken seriously.

The Seven Network went to air on Thursday (March 26) evening with the following story: Channel Seven News Video

This item was last reported by us in the June and September 2009 edition of The 202. The Golf Club had, at that time, erected larger protective screens to protect school children from golf balls hit into the school from the then new 3rd hole. The Golf Club also reported briefly on their review of playing practices which avoided the risk of balls that were hit along the 1st fairway, landing on the oval.

Now, in April 2015, the situation regarding golf balls on the oval remains unresolved, and the Northbridge Primary School P&C have resorted to getting this issue fixed, once and for all. The School P&C wrote to Council and all affected entities stating that-

In light of the grave safety risk posed to the children of Northbridge Public School while playing on the oval, the school will no longer be using Northbridge Oval effective immediately.

As discussed by one P&C representative on social media –

the average number of golf balls collected by school kids on the Oval during school hours and in the school grounds over the past few years is 90 / year.This year alone there have been 44 in less than three months

With 14 golf balls landing amongst and close to our school children on the oval and school grounds within the past week, including another child being hit, (this golf balls issue) is a real and serious risk and one that we (the school community) cannot conscionably take any longer

As far as the School and its P&C Association are concerned; the only acceptable outcome is that the balls stop today, whatever it takes. All 11 schools of the lower North Shore Primary Schools Sports Association have formerly agreed to stop using the oval until the issue is resolved. Now that this issue and risk is well and truly out in the open, any organisations using the oval have legal if not moral exposure.

There is no doubt; all parties are keen to resolve this issue ASAP. The Mayor gained immediate concurrence from the Northbridge Golf Club to permanently close the upper tee on the first green until an immediate solution was found. Councillors and Council Officers are proactively seeking solutions and working with all parties to have this issue resolved at the earliest.

Whilst the changes will affect the Golf Club, we ask that everyone please continue to support Northbridge Golf Club during this time. Meals, membership and drinks are always on offer.

On Tuesday (March 31st), the Council convened a meeting between all key school and community stakeholders in order to seek and resolve a mutually agreeable action plan. The Golf Club have been proactively seeking a solution and a copy of the actions plan taken can be obtained from the Northbridge Golf Club web site at

Categorically, everyone is in agreement that the only accepted objective is – “zero golf balls on the oval.”

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