Annual General Meeting – November 26th 2014

Northbridge Progress Association Inc.

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at Northbridge Golf Club on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 commencing at 7.45pm
Attendance: 30 members and guests


President Rob Coote (Chairman) welcomed members and guests including, Ward Councillors Hugh Eriksson and Rachel Hill.


Mayor Cr Gail Giles-Gidney, Cr John Hooper, Cr Lynn Saville, Cr Michelle Sloan, Marion Feibush, Sandra Bridgewater Dunn, Angelos Frangopoulos, Marillyn Stewart, Matt Judson, Colleen and Michael Briody, Bruce and Karen Wilson.


The Chairman noted that a quorum was present.

Suspension of Standing Orders at 7.50 pm for:

Guest Speaker:
Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP
Member for Willoughby and Minister for Transport and Minister for the Hunter

The Minister thanked the NPA for inviting her to attend and address the meeting.
She mentioned several State Government issues affecting Northbridge residents, including the narrowing of criteria for lopping trees and plant removal, rate pegging for Councils along with further review of improved efficiency in Councils, and potential Council amalgamations. In her capacity as Minister for Transport, she mentioned the smoking ban at bus stops and the new Opal transport card.
In response to questions, the Minister said she would welcome further correspondence regarding the following:

  • The zoning/catchment area of the new Crows Nest High School;
  • The regularity of the late night bus service to Northbridge compared with the 273 service;
  • Safety at the pickup zone at the Public School and the possibility of a Bonds Corner roundabout to facilitate a continuous loop; and
  • The 49-year leases for poles and wires proposed by the State Government;

Ms. Berejiklian reiterated all constituents were welcome to email her about issues or drop into her Electorate Office.
The President thanked Ms Berejiklian for her time and support in attending our AGM and for her kind words and community update. He said that much is happening in our community at the moment, and it was an opportune time, for those in attendance, to be able to listen to and interact with their Local Member for Willoughby.

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on November 28, 2013 were tabled by the Chairman, who noted that they had also been available on the Association’s website for 12 months.
RESOLVED that the minutes are approved.

The minutes of the General Meeting held on September 4, 2014 were tabled by the Chairman, who noted they had been available on the website for about two months.
RESOLVED that the minutes are approved.

Treasurer’s Report for the year ended June 30, 2014

The Treasurer reported that with the Committee’s approval, the NPA had moved to accrual accounting at the end of 2014 financial year. He noted the small loss of $485 reflected two extraordinary costs (the $10,000 donation to the Memorial Clock and the $4,523 in NPA website upgrades). The 202 printing costs had decreased due to re-negotiations and a reduction from 5 to 4 Editions in the reporting period. The Treasurer referred members to the audited Financial Report for the year ended June 30, 2014 as printed in The 202. A copy of the Audited accounts was delivered or emailed to members a week prior to the AGM.
The Treasurer noted in response to questions that the NPA contributed $6,000 along with a DVA supported grant of $4,000 to the War Memorial Clock refurbishment (supplemented by Council).
RESOLVED that the Treasurer’s Report is adopted.

President’s Report for 2014

The President referred to his report as printed in The 202.
He also thanked departing Public Officer Peter McLachlan and thanked everyone who made the NPA successful – including the Committee, volunteer walkers, and The 202 team.
RESOLVED that the President’s Report is adopted.

Election of the Committee for 2015

The Chairman reminded attendees that only members paid up prior to the meeting may nominate office bearers or vote. He handed the chair to Mr. Simon Craddock to act as Returning Officer.
The following nominations for Committee members in 2015 were moved, seconded and accepted in turn:

Rob Coote
Angelos Frangopoulos and Grant Sheldon
Belinda Cachia
Linden Gulson
Editor of The 202:
Helen Gulson
Committee members:
Katie Geeves, Sandra Bridgewater-Dunn
Delegates to the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations:
Jenny Roxburgh, Marion Feibush

The Returning Officer declared that the above committee members are elected for 2015 and returned the chair to Rob Coote.

Ward Councillors’ reports

Cr Rachel Hill reported:

  • WCC were in support of approaching the Local Member regarding the zoning / catchment area for the new Crows Nest High School;
  • She is working on the possibility of a one-way Bus loop on Saturday mornings at Tunks Park/Upper Cliff, and liaising with North Sydney Council accordingly; and
  • The pillars at the side of the grandstand on Northbridge Oval had been removed, and quotes are being sought.

Cr Hugh Eriksson reported:

  • He was happy with the upgrade to the Northbridge Baths and advised that there would be on-going maintenance. New swimming blocks will be installed in May;
  • The Infrastructure Levy had been approved by Councillors at their meeting on November 24th, with the Mayor’s casting vote deciding the issue. He explained that these funds will be quarantined for infrastructure purposes. Pensioners will pay an extra $15 in the first year rising to an extra $35 per year in the year after. The additional levy ends after two years. Council has now put the proposal to IPART for approval; and
  • Both Councilors present supported the levy after considering alternative sources of revenue raising.

In response to questions, the Ward Councilors said:

  • WCC has recently been through significant change with the resignation of former General Manager Nick Tobin and several senior staff. They have all accepted alternative positions with a private sector developer out of the area.
  • The WCC service review is on hold pending the appointment of a new General Manager;
  • Cr Hill will follow=up with Council in regard the dumping of rubbish in the area adjacent to the Baths, and the cleanliness of the change rooms;
  • Positions may change if and when council amalgamations proceed;
  • Cr Hill will look into the increase in dog droppings locally with the possibility of a Ranger blitz and media article;
  • WCC are assessing the Ausgrid power line tree trimming to see if trees need to be replaced with more suitable species; and
  • The traffic and parking assessment is ongoing particularly in respect to the boat trailer parking (must be roadworthy width), motorcycle parking and a residents’ parking permit scheme.

Next General Meeting

The next General Meeting will be held at 7:45pm on Thursday March 5, 2015 at Northbridge Golf Club. The program will be announced in The 202.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm.

Members joined in Christmas refreshments.

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