Vale – Linden Gulson

We start this year with the sad news of the passing of our serving NPA Treasurer, Linden Gulson

Linden had been Treasurer of the Northbridge Progress Association for the past 12 months and had served on several other community organisations in recent years.

Linden was nominated and awarded a Rotary Community Service Award last year in appreciation for his work within the community. His citation for nomination read:

Linden is a chartered accountant and worked as an audit partner with KPMG before he retired 2007. Since then, as a volunteer he has used his expertise and experience to help numerous community organisations. Since 1990, at various times, he has acted as accountant, Finance Committee member or Treasurer for St Marks Kindergarten, 1st Northbridge Scouts and Northbridge Public School Tennis Committee. He is currently Treasurer of Northbridge Progress Association.

Over a six-year period, until 2013, he was a member of the Finance Committee of Northbridge Golf Club whilst serving as Vice-President and then President of the Club.

Linden has been Chair of the Audit Committee of The Shore Foundation for 12 years and a Director since 2009. He was a mainstay of the Northbridge Branch of the Liberal Party, being a member of the Committee for 12 years and President for four years until 2013.

In all these volunteer roles, Linden has brought professional and managerial capacity to community organisations – large and tiny – that needed him. He has helped them to grow and prosper and kept them financially sound.

Linden dealt with the 4 years of his illness amazingly well, never complaining, and continued to do what he could for his community as long as he could.

Linden passed away on Jan 4th. Linden’s funeral was held the following Thursday, with a large attendance that overflowed out of the doors and surrounded the Chapel.

It was an honour to have known him. His presence will be greatly missed by many.

We have lost a truly great person.

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