Minutes of General Meeting – September 4, 2014

Northbridge Progress Association Inc.

Minutes of General Meeting held at Northbridge Golf Club on Thursday 4th September 2014 commencing at 7: 45pm

As per attendance book
In attendance:
Cr Gail Giles-Gidney (Mayor), Cr Rachel Hill, Cr John Hooper, Tony Clifford, Mark Crew, Pam Denham, Meagan Gardiner, Noel Phelan, Peter McNair, Andrew Paul, May Cousins, Margaret Blackman, Janet France, Don Wilson
Cr Hugh Eriksson, Angelos Frangopoulos, Peter McLachlan, Linden Gulson, Simon Craddock, Sandra Bridgewater Dunn, Michael Conder, Veronica Hope, Bruce Wilson, Marion Feibush, Brian Chittenden, Michael and Colleen Briody, Matt Judson, Adrian Cachia
The Chairman noted that a quorum was present.
Approval of Minutes
RESOLVED that the Minutes of the General Meeting held 13th March 2014 were approved.
Approval of Application of Membership
RESOLVED that Mrs. Margaret Tyson of Castlecrag be accepted as a Member.
Special Item of Business – Northbridge Car Park
The Chairman addressed the meeting in regard the current Council proposal for the redevelopment of the Northbridge Car Park. He advised that Willoughby Council is seeking community feedback on solutions to repair and upgrade the Northbridge car park; He confirmed that the NPA Committee agrees with Council that the car park needs upgrading to address significant safety issues and capacity restraints; and that the Committee of the NPA would like your indication of support to write to the Council in response to its request for submissions by 30th September, 2014.

The Chair provided a brief summation of the three proposed Options as outlined by Council at their Community Consultation meetings; he also read a copy of the Resolution of Members approved at a meeting held on the 18th July 2007.

The Chair advised attendees that this previous resolution did not oppose a re-development of the Northbridge Plaza or car park site. Arguably, it was felt that some re-development would be necessary to pay for the upgrade and secure Plaza’s owner’s consent to commit the land comprised in the car park which it owns. However, the parameters laid out in that resolution aimed to protect significant stakeholders and address traffic and amenity issues. The NPA Committee believes that those parameters are as relevant today as they were in 2007.

Given our position, we, the NPA Committee, now seek the support of this General Meeting of members to re-endorse the Resolution as drafted on 18th July 2007. The Committee acknowledges that Options 1 and 3 proposed by Council do not comply with the 2007 resolution. We also agreed that the loss of car spaces under Option 2 would be unacceptable.

The meeting opened up to the general discussion regarding the car park resolution.

The consensus of the meeting was that a flat level car park was essential to any re-development.

Moved: Max Menzies/Peter McNair that the word “about” be removed from item 2 of the 2007 resolution and that motion be put. CARRIED

RESOLVED that this meeting does not oppose the redevelopment of the Northbridge Plaza site with high-quality shopping centre and residential units (including seniors’ units) provided that:

  • Ownership and control of the car park land will remain with the community
  • Retail space will expand by no more than 10% compared with the current retail and other space in the centre;
  • There will be minimal impact of the redevelopment on current traffic volumes or on local neighborhood shops and businesses;
  • Any residential units built on the site will be in keeping (that is, in height, bulk and quality) with existing residential units in Northbridge;
  • Improvements will be made to access within the shopping centre for elderly and disabled members of the community;
  • Improvements will be made to car park safety security and convenience, whether or not the car park is relocated underground;
  • There will be minimal impact on the residents of Harden Avenue, Tenilba Rd, Northbridge Gardens Retirement Village and the St Paul’s Residential Aged Care facility.
Guest Speakers

Guest speakers were welcomed and invited to address the meeting, providing a two-minute outline of their local community organisation:

Willoughby Men’s Shed, Tony Clifford

80+ members, $50 per year along with a daily donation on attendance; Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and sometimes a 4th day; Voluntary and social, not “husband day care,” no age barriers; Encourages fellowship, companionship, and the opportunity to operate machinery; Safety is always a paramount concern; There are no geographical limits in regard membership.

Northbridge Scouts, Mark Crew

Mark is currently Leader in charge but has previously held all positions. He proudly possesses his Dad’s compass; Scouts is not a club but more of a movement, with a social, spiritual and developing skills emphasis; The Scouts have incredible assets locally being the Scout Hall and the beachhead; The skiff club is different as it is race oriented (Scouts are non-competitive and fun oriented); Scouting creates a great network for young people and encouraging the development of leadership skills; Recently took advantage of Scout facilities at Jindabyne for a snow trip; Scouting is not gender restricted and is Non-denominational.

Girl Guides, Pam Denham and Meagan Gardiner

Represent the North Sydney region; Guiding in Northbridge needs a boost as it is currently, only a Senior Guide movement and needs to re-establish Juniors; Has a strong tradition in the community – it empowers and is fun; The Guides need our support to help find leaders in the local community; Demographic in Northbridge is highly suitable – please pass the message onto your friends and neighbours; Training and support for Guide Leaders are structured and comprehensive – Artarmon is close by and strong, and will provide support; Chatswood Junior Guides is about to start up, so would be great to have one in Northbridge too.

Northbridge Rotary, Noel Phelan

Started in 1983 so has a rich history locally; Supported the lighting for the Suspension bridge and donated $500,000 to the cord blood bank; Northbridge Rotary supports various local and international causes – Youth off the Streets, Laos medical call centre, clean drinking water projects overseas, eradication of polio schemes, sailing for people with disabilities on Middle Harbour. They provide support for children with serious and life-threatening illness coming to Australia for treatment, bush fire relief, solar lighting project in Fiji, children in Nepal; Conducts the annual fireworks and regular sausage sizzles at Bunnings; Supports and fosters youth leadership; Conducts mock job interviews; continues the Youth Exchange program; assists WGHS with future careers program; and holds senior lunches that provide social connection.

Probus Club of Northbridge, Peter McNair

Meets at the Northbridge Golf Club; A social, not fundraising emphasis; Was born out of Rotary in 1990; Has 133 Members with a maximum capacity of 140; Meets once a month for various social activities, including restaurants, theatre, trips out of Sydney (e.g. Hunter Valley); Membership is $45 per year; Offers insurance benefits; No age Limit on membership

Masonic Centre/Lodge Frenches Forest United, Andrew Paul

Lodge room currently undergoing renovation (adding a lift); Non-denominational – bonded together by faith and philosophical ideas; Banned from any political or religious discussion to insure peace and harmony within the Lodge; “Meet as equals, part as friends”; Abides by prudence, temperance, fortitude and justice; Mainly provides social and work / business networking opportunities; Men only.

Northbridge Friendship and Craft Club, May Cousins

Formerly the 50 Plus Club established in 1971; Has served a great need for many local Seniors; Is a small club – has one lady who has been a member for 40 years; Needs new members as sadly 3 members have passed away in the last 12 months, and 1 has gone into full-time aged care; Meets 10 am til 2 pm Wednesdays at St Marks Church Hall;
Provides opportunities for gentle exercise and mental stimulation through games like Scrabble; Materials are available for painting, knitting, crochet, card making or simply bring your own project; All invited.

Northbridge Quilters, Margaret Blackman

Is a group of ladies who love needlework, patchwork and quilting; Meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Bowling Club, Warners Park; Arranges guest speakers and weekends away; Offers opportunity to make quilts for yourself or for charity and hospitals (supports Ronald McDonald House); Meetings are short and provides a chance to
bring along what you have created (show and tell); Has 33 members – can have up to 40; Does not teach or train.

Neighbour Day, Janet France

Is in response to modern life where we tend to not see our neighbours much anymore; A date has been set for March 2015 but were encouraging people to hold a street event or activity at any time suitable; Some ideas – a street party, cuppa on the verge, street planting, assist the elderly or incapacitated neighbour with gardening, a walking bus to school, street patrol, a promenade in the evening ending with gelato; The idea is to re-connect with neighbours; Want media attention as other suburbs are watching with interest, Council is interested too; Are looking for street contacts – please spread the word.

The Dairy Gardens, Janet France

Is a community garden project at Warners Park in a similar vein to Sustainability Street Current projects include compost, worm farms, better lighting; Meets 1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday each month; Other ideas include a cool zone for extreme heat relief, green walls to keep large hot surfaces cool.

Bushcare, Don Wilson

Holds the annual “Bush Care Major Day Out”; Looks after 3 local areas; Recently featured on Gardening Australia; Started in the last few decades in times of more enlightenment since the days of dumping rubbish in the bush; The bush is resilient – very satisfying to see areas regenerate – see noticeable changes in flora and fauna returning; Is relaxing, tranquil (pulling weeds is very therapeutic), social and an exercise opportunity “no gym fees”; Always excellent morning teas provided.

Ward Councillors Community update

Cr Rachel Hill
A newly elected Councillor; currently works for Ronald McDonald House, who are about to open a family room at RNSH; Has been working on the car park issue, the Bonds Corner playground, the parking at Lower Cliff Avenue, the clock tower, and the WLC fun run; Noted that the amateur swimming season is about to open so is thrilled to see the Baths looking so good.
Cr John Hooper
Noted that he was unable to comment on the referral of the Tallis Street Reserve issue to ICAC
Cr Gail Giles-Gidney (Mayor of Willoughby)
Noted the proposed infra-structure levy – a rates variation, is on hold. A service review at Council identified some cost saving but there remained a shortfall with respect to footpaths and other infrastructure matters (a levy is specific to particular projects and is limited in time); In the next rates notice, there will be an opportunity to provide feedback on the levy proposed on rates. It will outline the infrastructure needed.


  • Rob Coote acknowledged the refurbishment of the War Memorial – but asked whether the meeting had any preference in regard the Lighting being sourced from a pole (shining down) or from the ground (shining up). The work of Malcolm Lye in researching the WW1 and WW2 fallen was recognized. Peter McNair acknowledged that most thought the lighting at the moment was ok, but confirmed that an Electrical Engineer had been asked to inspect and re-evaluate the cost of installing the lights in the ground.
  • Cr John Hooper advised that Northbridge Bowling Club at Warners Park has amalgamated with Roseville Bowling Club and that Council was currently assessing options for the space after considering noise factors and any environmental impact.
  • Max Menzies asked about the proposed demolition of the old Northbridge Library. Cr Rachel Hill advised that Council have passed a motion to demolish the building, which is expected to occur in the September/October 2014 school holidays.
Next Meeting
the next meeting will be our Annual General Meeting which will be held on Thursday 27th November 2014 at 7.45 pm in the Northbridge Golf Club.

Meeting Closed at 9:40 PM

Chairman: …

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