Congratulations Rachel!

We wish to congratulate local Northbridge resident, Rachel Hill, who was successfully elected to Council as a result of the recent Willoughby Local Government by-elections that were held in the Sailors Bay Ward.

Rachel secured 64.79% of the vote – a truly remarkable effort. Rachel Hill contributed part of her success to the 120 people who volunteered to help out with her campaign charge. In a note to her supporters, Rachel said.

By getting our neighbours and friends engaged in local issues, our children to understand the importance of standing up for what they believe in and our generations to work together we have exceeded all expectations. The pride I feel for our community is unsurpassable.

Rachel Hill and her husband Greg moved to Northbridge in 2006 and have three young children. Rachel was involved in organising the Northbridge Games as part of the Centenary Celebrations. She has been on committees at St Marks Kindergarten and Northbridge Primary School as well as having a parental involvement with the Northbridge Dance Studio; Northbridge Football Club and also Northbridge Scouts. Added to all this – Rachel was also elected as Secretary of the Northbridge Progress Association in 2014 (a position she has had to now resign from due to her success at this election).

Work wise, Rachel is the Events & Community Liaison representative for Ronald McDonald House and is also involved in ensuring the success of the 2014 Willoughby Fun Run, which is being held this September.

On behalf of the entire Sailors Bay Ward and all within the community of Willoughby City – we wish Rachel, every success! Congratulations!

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