Northbridge Car Park Upgrade

Willoughby Council is seeking your feedback on the following:

Northbridge Car Park Upgrade

Council has identified significant problems with the condition of the Northbridge Council car park that adjoins the Northbridge Plaza. A number of options for funding the upgrade of the car park have been proposed.

Council plans to hold a community consultation meeting during May 2014 to investigate and discuss how the improvement of the car park can be achieved. All local residents should take an interest and get involved.

Please fill in our quick survey to tell us about your interaction with Northbridge Plaza to help us prepare material for the upcoming consultation.

For more information as to the background to the Northbridge Car Park issue – please view the following:

Open Forum

Another initiative of Council is their Open Forum. Open Forum is available for you to make comment on any local issues that are important to you.

Let Council (and the NPA) hear what you have to say about the Northbridge Car Park improvement plan.