Kameruka – Tenilba Road Bike Route

The Northbridge Progress Association recently commented on a proposed bike route along Kameruke Road and Tenilba Road.

The report issued by Council for discussion at the Traffic Committee meeting held on March 19, called for:

  • pedestrian traffic signals to be installed on Eastern Valley Way to the north of Tarakan Crescent;
  • approval of an on-road bike route along the length of Kameruka Road and Tenilba Road between Sailors Bay Road and Eastern Valley Way which would connect with the existing bike route on Frenchs Road via the Willoughby Paddocks and Alpha Road.

The NPA’s comments reiterated an earlier letter that we had sent to Council in 2012 in which we commended Council on the promotion of Bike usage around Northbridge but expressed our serious concerns about a proposed bike route using Kameruka Road and Tenilba Road.

The NPA Committee consider Kameruka Rd (7.2 metres wide) to be one of the more dangerous in Northbridge. It is twisting with some steep grades and usually has cars parked both sides leaving only one lane for cars for much of its length. Tenilba Rd (6.8 metres wide) is straight but usually has cars parked down both sides leaving only one lane.

We understand that Council is not proposing a bike lane on these two roads but is intending to paint bike icons on the roadway and to install street signs indicating the bike route. Nevertheless, because of the risks involved, the Northbridge Progress Association suggests that the Traffic Committee and Council re-considers its plans for a bike route in these two streets. As one of our members said: “It is one thing to permit bikes to travel on these roads; it is altogether another thing when Council recommends that bikes travel down them.”

The Northbridge Progress Association requested that the Traffic Committee reconsider the proposal.

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