Northbridge Baths – Council takes action!

Councillors and Council Officers were informed this past week by Baths regular and NPA member, Bruce Wilson, about the apparent lack of management systems in place at the Northbridge Baths. Council has advised today that, in regard to:

Change room cleanliness

Council staff will arrange for the cleaners to rectify the situation and will monitor the areas more closely over the next few weeks;

Walkway rubber tiles

These have now been repaired. In the long term, Council is considering changing from tiles to a rubber floor surface on the walkway;

Turning blocks

Council will be replacing both the turning blocks in the coming off season, May to September 2014.

The poly rope

This has been attended to and a temporary weld will be completed by the end of next week which will provide a short term fix for the swim club and lap swimmers until the off season

Marine docking system and Concrete protection

Using Cathode Protection is an option that Council is considering and looking into.

Bubbler (and the tap that misses the drainage pit)

Council are currently looking into this matter;

Hose in the change rooms

Council is not willing to support or install a hose in the change rooms due to the issues that may arise from this. (i.e. could create a trip hazard; encourage anti-social behaviour; increase water usage as well as the lack of supervision);

Emergency phone

This matter was considered previously and deemed not required.


Council can confirm that the Security team visit the Baths at multiple times during their evening shifts.

Facility checks

Willoughby Leisure is responsible for the day to day management and checks of the Baths which they are currently conducting approximately three times per week. If they receive any feedback or reports at other times, they will usually investigate within 24 hours. If worthwhile, a maintenance log book that users could record issues and updates, could be implemented;

Baths Committee

All matters relating to the Northbridge Baths can be directed to the Willoughby Leisure Centre ph 9958 5799

Longer term plan

Council is working towards undertaking a Master Plan for the Northbridge Baths within the next five years. A significant part of the master plan process will be the community engagement and meetings with the key Stakeholders. There is no consideration to change the current management and day to day operations of the Baths given their success over the last three years. The infrastructure and stormwater pipes at the Baths are part of Councils asset management strategy.

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