Annual General Meeting – November 28th 2013

Northbridge Progress Association Inc

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at St Marks Hall, Northbridge on Thursday, November 28 2013 commencing at 8.00pm

Attendance: 48 members and guests


President Rob Coote (Chairman) welcomed members and guests including Deputy Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney, Ward Councillor Hugh Eriksson, Councillor Wendy Norton and Bob Taffel from Willoughby South Progress Association.


Cr John Hooper, Angelos Frangopoulos, Marillyn Stewart


The chairman noted that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on November 29 2012 were tabled by the chairman who noted that they had also been available on the Association’s website for 12 months. RESOLVED that the minutes are approved.

The minutes for the General Meeting held on June 6 2013 were tabled by the chairman who noted they had been available on the website for about five months. RESOLVED that the minutes are approved.

Treasurer’s Report for the year ended June 30 2013

The Treasurer referred members to the audited Financial Report for the year ended June 30 2013 as printed in The 202. There were no questions. RESOLVED that the Treasurer’s Report as printed in The 202 is adopted.

President’s Report for 2013

The President reported that 2013 was the year of celebrating the Centenary of the naming of Northbridge. He thanked Peter McNair, the organising committee and all those who contributed to make the Centenary a great success. He also thanked departing Committee members Jenny Roxburgh, Sheila Prater, Penny Lye and Malcolm Lye. He noted that Jenny will continue to represent NPA on the Federation and Penny will continue to assist with The 202. Lastly, Rob thanked everyone who made the NPA successful – including the Committee, volunteer walkers and The 202 team. RESOLVED that the President’s Report is adopted.

Election of the committee for 2014

The Chairman reminded attendees that only members paid up prior to the meeting may nominate office bearers or vote. He handed the chair to Peter McLachlan to act as Returning Officer.

The following nominations for committee members in 2014 were moved, seconded and accepted in turn:

Rob Coote
Ron Hicks, Grant Sheldon
Rachel Hill
Linden Gulson
Editor of The 202:
Helen Gulson
Committee members:
Angelos Frangopoulos, Sandra Bridgewater-Dunn, Simon Craddock
Delegates to the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations:
Jenny Roxburgh, Ron Hicks, Rob Coote

The Returning Officer declared that the above committee members were elected for 2014 and returned the chair to Rob Coote, who introduced the Guest Speaker.

Guest speaker:
Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP,
Member for Willoughby and Minister for Transport.

The Minister congratulated Rob and the newly elected Committee members. She also congratulated NPA for its excellent Centenary celebrations. She said that NPA had a valuable role as the voice of the Northbridge community.

In regard to transport issues, the Minister noted that the community had consistently raised traffic and overdevelopment as the major issues in Northbridge. She said that Willoughby Traffic Committee had an important role in coordinating local traffic and parking issues.

She mentioned that legislation for the new NSW Planning Laws had been rejected by the Upper House but the Planning Minister would reintroduce them in three months. She said that more then 6000 written submissions had been made by individuals and organisations and the Planning Minister had made changes to the laws to reflect community concerns.

In response to questions, the Minister said:

  • She was passionate about reform to railways. Waste had been reduced; customer service and station announcements had improved; and by end 2014 95% of fleet would be air-conditioned;
  • The North West rail link will involve eight new stations and will remove 300 buses per day from the approaches to the Sydney Harbour Bridge;
  • In regard to a Northbridge Traffic Study which had often been requested by NPA, she advised that if NPA were to propose a specific objective rather then a generic consideration, it may have more chance of being positively received;
  • She noted that single deck carriages can move more people per hour than double deck; and
  • A one stop shop for NSW Government services is being developed in Chatswood.

The President thanked Ms Berejiklian.

Ward Councillors’ reports

Cr Hugh Eriksson reported:

  • He was very impressed by the newly opened Aged Care Centre in Northbridge;
  • The issue of the redevelopment of Council’s car park at Northbridge Plaza “would be coming to a head shortly.” He noted that “it is long overdue to have the car park upgraded but the issue is how to pay for it.” He suggested that some development along Eastern Valley Way may be necessary; and
  • He mentioned that the Memorial Clock in Strathallen Ave may be able to be re-furbished (as proposed by NPA) without disturbing the asbestos content, thereby reducing the refurbishment cost substantially.

Cr Gail Giles-Gidney reported:

  • The issues of the No Stopping zone on the south side of Sailors Bay Rd near Strathallen Ave and the removal of parking places in Harden Ave had been referred to Willoughby Traffic Committee for further consideration;
  • A lengthy draft report on Parking Strategy in the Willoughby Council area had been deferred by Council until February. She urged NPA to review the draft strategy;
  • A proposed community consultation plan for Council’s car park at Northbridge Plaza was on the agenda for Council’s December 2 meeting. (She noted that none of the four redevelopment options for the car park previously presented to Council had been acceptable);
  • A report to Council showed that there is a $28 million backlog in maintenance requirements for Council’s infrastructure and assets. Council will be engaging with the community to discuss a special rate variation to pay for the backlog. Without such a rate increase, Council’s services would need to be reduced. Consultation would continue until mid-February with a Public Meeting in early February; and
  • A visit by Ward Councillors to several possible sites for a new playground in Northbridge had shown that a site opposite Bonds Corner would be most suitable.

In response to questions, the Ward Councillors said:

  • There would be a significant contribution to rates from the many new high rise apartments being developed in Chatswood CBD. A minimum rate of $700 applied to apartments irrespective of floor area;
  • They agreed that consultation about significant changes in the suburb (such as the No Right Turn decision at Tenilba Rd and Eastern Valley Way) should be much more widely addressed in the community; and
  • New pedestrian traffic lights were being installed on Eastern Valley Way as part of the Kiah development.

Next General Meeting:

The next General Meeting will be held at 8pm on Thursday March 6 2014 at Northbridge Golf Club. The program will be announced in The 202. It is hoped the meeting would be more interactive than in the past.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm. Members joined in Christmas refreshments.

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